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Introducing The Pembrokeshire Cider Company:
Where History and Craft Collide

Step into a world where the rich tapestry of history intertwines with the artistry of cider-making. Croeso i'r Pembrokeshire Cider Company, a micro-brewery nestled in the heart of Wales, paying homage to the storied past of Pembroke Castle and the captivating historical figures that shaped the town of Pembroke itself.

Pembroke Castle with bottle

Immerse yourself in the captivating saga of Pembroke Castle, a formidable fortress that has withstood the test of time for over nine centuries. Picture yourself walking in the footsteps of medieval knights, Welsh princes, and noble families who left an indelible mark on this legendary stronghold. At the Pembrokeshire Cider Company, we draw inspiration from this captivating history to craft ciders that embody the essence of this noble heritage.

Raise a glass to the brave William Marshal, the legendary knight and Earl of Pembroke, whose gallantry and chivalry have become the stuff of legends. Experience the bold and robust flavours of our Marshal's Reserve cider, a fitting tribute to his enduring legacy.

William Marshal Bronze Statue

Discover the legacy of Henry VII, the first monarch of the Tudor dynasty, born on the 28th of January 1457, within the walls of Pembroke Castle. Immerse yourself in the royal intrigue and enjoy the regal notes of our Henry VII cider, a tribute to his pivotal role in reshaping the course of English history.

Henry VII Statue

Uncover the spirit of resilience so cherished by the Welsh people, as we reflect upon the eventful times of Oliver Cromwell. In 1648, Cromwell's forces laid siege to Pembroke Castle during the English Civil War, leaving a mark on the castle's history. It is with admiration for our indomitable Welsh spirit that we present Cromwell 1648 cider, a bold and spirited blend that pays homage to the courage of our Welsh ancestors during that turbulent era.

At the Pembrokeshire Cider Company, we combine the art of cider-making with the heritage of Pembroke Castle, infusing each bottle with a unique blend of craftsmanship and historical significance. With utmost respect for tradition and an unwavering commitment to quality, we invite you to join us in celebrating this fusion of past and present.

Hand picked Apples in Orchard

Experience the essence of history in every drop. Discover the Pembrokeshire Cider Company and indulge in a truly remarkable cider experience that honours the remarkable tales woven into the very fabric of Pembroke. Iechyd da! Here's to the past, present, and future – all in a single glass.

Chris, Dave and Jon