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The Pembrokeshire Cider Co.

Henry VII Medium\Dry Carbonated Cider (Case of 3)

Henry VII Medium\Dry Carbonated Cider (Case of 3)

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Fit for a Pembrokeshire King! Founder of the Tudor dynasty, Henry VII was born in Pembroke Castle in 1457 during the War of the Roses. In 1485 he defeated Richard III, to become England’s only Welsh Monarch, bringing stability and economic growth to his realm. Our Henry VII is the cider of royalty!


Light Amber, golden dark straw colour like a sunny meadow ready for harvest


Sweet apple aroma, Taste: Refreshing, crisp and juicy, with a perfect balance of sharpness and sweetness, a hint of toffee caramel undertones, and at the same time juicy with a lingering dryish finish making this cider highly quaffable!

3 x 500ml

ABV 6%


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