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The Pembrokeshire Cider Co.

Mixed Berry Fruit Cider, Carbonised (Case of 12)

Mixed Berry Fruit Cider, Carbonised (Case of 12)

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Imagine enjoying a sun-drenched walk through a beautiful aromatic woodland and lazily grazing on the fruits of the forest. That evocative experience is the inspiration for our Fruity Mixed Berry Cider so delicious served over ice or simply chilled.


Blush with a light colour reddish/ pinky hue like a gorgeous rosé wine in appearance.


A heady aroma of summer fruits resplendent with our signature scent of local apples


Packed with berry flavour! blackcurrant, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and of course fresh local apples. Balanced and smooth; a Summer Woodland in a bottle!

12 x 500ml

4% ABV


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