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About Us

We are a locally owned Micro-Brewery located in the heart of Pembroke which was established in 2016 by 3 local business men.

We are lucky to be surrounded by history thanks to our lovely Pembroke Castle which is where we got the inspiration for the name of our Ciders!

Along side our cider we also produce Apple Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar and collaborated with the Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm to produce a Fire Cider Sauce!

  • Our Cider Trilogy

    Our Cider trilogy consists of Henry VII (Born in Pembroke Castle) a Meduim Dry Cider at 6%, William Marshal (Earl of Pembroke) a Medium Cider at 4.5% and Cromwell 1648 (laid siege to Pembroke Castle) at 4.8%

    Our Ciders 
  • Award Winning Cider!

    Back in 2018 we attended the Welsh Perry and Cider Society Festival where we entered their Cider competition with our first ever cider Henry VII! To our amazement we came in second place winning the Silver award for carbonated bottle cider!

    Henry VII Cider